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Watertown Township will Blacktop Streets

Watertown Township will partner with the Sanilac County Road Commission to repave several township roads and streets this year.
Watertown Township Supervisor Scott Franzel stated that the nearly $300k project will be accomplished with existing funds derived from taxes collected from the new power lines transiting the township. Supervisor Franzel along with the township board wish to communicate that no new taxes on residents will be levied to pay for this project.
The news of repaving has been received well judging by the positive comments received from those informed of the project.
Township residents already pay both a Sanilac County and Watertown Township millage for roads. The Road Commission will pay the first 25% of the project and Watertown will pay the rest.
Most, if not all, existing paved roads within their boundaries will receive a new topping of blacktop within the next few months.
The township and road commission have also recently partnered to make improvements to both West Miller Rd. and South Gates Rd. in preparation for the West M-46 closure slated for later this year.

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