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Red Raider Review 10-14-15 Edition

High school cafeterias are televised as four square walls filled with hundreds of eyes, seething with judgement as they watch the every move of both you, and the mysterious lumpy substance on your plate. This is no longer the case, as far as the food is concerned.
This past summer, Marlette hired a brand new staff of the cafeteria workers, armed with only their hair nets in the battle against teenaged hunger. As the hordes of students clambered down the halls to the lunch room, our new cafeteria workers performed splendidly. Every student left the cafeteria serendipitously satisfied, and offering sincere compliment to the workers.
Marlette’s new lunch program has increased to $2.50 per meal, but justifiably so. Upon passing through the kitchen doorway, you are met with the intermingling scents of five, yes five, meal options. Included in these meal options are meatless and nut-less choices to satisfy the diets of every student. If feeling so compelled to, they may even purchase snacks from a plethora of add-ons. These are perfect for a little lunchtime dessert, or a pre-gym class bite.
To avoid the always-present issue of money, a new policy is in place no longer allowing meals to be charged to lunch accounts. Thanks to this, parents will no longer be shell-shocked at the crippling bill at the end of the year.
To complete Marlette’s Magnificent Meal Makeover, both elementary and high school cafeterias have received a paint job. Cherry red walls with a white stripe boast Red Raider pride.
As we are reminded constantly by standardized tests, proper nutrition is vital in educational prosperity. Marlette schools are ensuring just this by a new fiscally, visually, and tastefully appealing new food program. Thank you administration for giving us yet another reason to call lunchtime our favorite time of the school day.

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