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Redskin Review 7-8-15

Staying active in your community is an exciting task throughout the summer! To promote this timeless objective, Kaden Thompson is offering a new outlook. Hence, don’t miss out on being involved with his original Eagle Scout project, the Zombie Fun Run!
Furthermore, this event will consist of a mile run/walk at the Diamond Trail on Saturday July 11, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome as the admission price only entails bringing canned food or toiletries, which will benefit H.E.L.P. Inc. Of course, each participant is encouraged to provide as many of these items as possible. However, if you choose to bring more, you’re chances of doing well during this activity are also increased. Moreover, this is where the twist comes in! Similar to flag football, everyone will be given a flag that could be taken at any time by a “zombie”, if you’re not careful. There will be the opportunity to have multiple flags only if you bring more items to be donated.
Hopefully, the majority of the community will have the chance to attend to support Kaden and his excellent cause. There will be a drop box at the Sandusky District Library in the possibility that someone is unable to attend. If there are any further reservations involving the event Kaden encourages you to contact him at 810-648-4079 or bpkthompson Lastly, anticipate a great time with a wonderful group of people!

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