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Sandusky Earn Shutout in Caro

By: Wm. Michael Dixon
Tribune Recorder Leader

The Sandusky Wolves earned themselves a steak dinner this past Friday when they traveled to Caro, shutting out the Tigers 24-0. Sandusky got off to a quick start in the first quarter, with Carter Krause running in a touchdown from 15 yards out. The conversion was good, giving Sandusky an 8-0 lead. Krause broke free for a massive 60 yard touchdown run in the second quarter, and Sandusky succeeded on the two-point conversion to give Sandusky a 16-0 lead at halftime. Both teams were quiet during the third quarter. Sandusky finished the game with another touchdown, this one from three yards out rushed in by quarterback Tyler Bush. The final conversion of the night was good to give Sandusky the 24-0 win over the Tigers. Carter Krause was the leading rusher for Sandusky on the night, running for 205 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries. Jackson Reinke had 42 yards on nine attempts. Chase Green had 56 yards on 9 attempts. Tyler Bush had 19 yards and a touchdown on six carries.
Sandusky improved to 5-3 with the win and are right on the bubble for playoff qualification, so check back after Selection Sunday this weekend to see if Sandusky qualifies and who their prospective opponent will be.

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