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Eagle Beat 1-20-16 Edition

Varying music has draped the halls as the band enters one of their busiest and most rewarding moments in the year. Each event our band has the opportunity to accompany is sure to be filled with classics and surprising new favorites. Sandusky does offer an overwhelming schedule, but being involved isn’t a question with the band’s entertaining addition to each activity.
Wednesday kicked off the preparation with the honors band rehearsal. Honors band is a county wide ensemble that changes year to year depending on auditions students from each school present. A piece is chosen to represent several musical qualities to set the auditions apart by skill level. Then the selected musicians practice and will eventually take part in a concert demonstrating some of Sanilac County’s most talented young ladies and gentlemen. All these participants will be dedicating Wednesday to creating a great performance to come!
Now the end of the week is welcoming the always wild and exciting pep band to a couple basketball games on Thursday and Friday. This season we’ve prepared a whopping 31 songs to celebrate every second while our Redskins strive to win. So these are sure to be some of the most sensational games of the year.
Of course, a roaring crowd is far from a focused rehearsal setting, but both skills are crucial to excelling in Sandusky’s band. In fact, we’ll soon be taking off to Disney World to play through those streets as well. There’s no doubt dedication is needed to achieve goals to this extent, but its nothing Sandusky’s ensemble can’t accomplish. With that in mind, there’s sure to be a great turn out at both games to experience our band cheering on the Redskin teams.

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