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Alexander Wins Republican Primary (Results Available Here)

Greg Alexander has won the Republican 98th District State Representative primary. Alexander bested three other opponents to move on to the General Election in November, where he will face off against Robert Mroczek.
Tudor Dixon will move ahead in the Governor’s race after she captured the win over a host of other republicans, and Lisa McLain advances in the 9th District U.S. House race.
Voters were in a generous mood on the primary election day with all but one ballot measure passing.
Gary Heberling won the District 3 Commissioner nod in one of only two contested races in the county.
The following are results from the Sanilac County portion of the election.
Republican Governor: Tudor M. Dixon: 2,802, Kevin Rinke: 1,536, Ryan D. Kelley: 1,383, Garrett Soldano: 1,364, and Ralph Rebandt: 241.
9th District US House: Lisa McClain 5,862, Michelle Donovan 1,624.
Sanilac County Clerk: Leslie Hilgendorf: 6,499,
Dist 1 Commissioner: Jon Block: 942,
Dist 2 Commissioner: Roger Ballard 887,
Dist 3 Commissioner: Gary Heberling 702, Denise McGuire 441.
Dist 4 Commissioner: Bill Sarkella
Dist 5 Commissioner: Christine Lee 859
Dist 7 Commissioner: John Moody 919
Elk Twp Supervisor: Terrence Gallagher 249
Speaker Supervisor: William Maitland 220
Flynn Twp Clerk: Robert Vinande 162
Elk Twp Trustee: Alexandria Burgess 239
Marlette Twp Trustee: Nathan Smith 292
SAVE Millage Renewal
7,043 yes
2,228 no
DTF Millage Renewal
7,091 yes
2,212 no
Sanilac County Parks Renewal
7,254 yes
2,081 no
Veterans Millage Renewal
8,185 yes
1,233 no
911 Millage Renewal
8,284 yes
1,142 no
Speaker Fire Renewal
237 yes
66 no
Sanilac Twp Fire & EMS
601 yes
211 no
Washington Twp Cemetery Renewal
286 yes
78 no
Deckerville Police Renewal
85 yes
29 no
Maple Valley Road Renewal
184 yes
31 no
Lamotte Twp Road Renewal
151 yes
54 no
Buel Twp Road Renewal
220 yes
66 no
Delaware Twp Road Renewal
186 yes
41 no
Delaware Twp Fire Renewal
206 yes
22 no
Minden Twp Millage
104 yes
48 no
Minden Twp Roads
106 yes
47 no
Worth Road Renewal
649 yes
304 no
Marlette Twp Fire Renewal
305 yes
64 no
Marlette Twp Road Renewal
288 yes
74 no
Marlette Library
474 yes
166 no
SC4 Millage (two precincts only)
19 no
17 yes

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