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Deckerville Fall Sports Preview

Deckerville Football

Meet the 2019 Deckerville Varsity Football Team – front (l-r): Mgr. Cooper Brown, Zach Ellington, Ethan Bowerman, Juan Carlos Ibarra, Tyler Noll, Connor Lamont, Isaac Keinath and Mgr. Trenton Mausolf. Back (l-r): Coach Dan Brown, Traiten Colesa, Carson Benjey, Richie Oldenburg, Jacan Ciske, Cody Franzel, Justin Trigger, Ian Espinoza, Travis Trigger, Trevor Osborne and Coach Bill Brown.

Head Coach: Bill Brown 33 years coaching (27 as Head Coach) 209 wins 76 losses; 2018 team 8-3 conference champs lost in regional to Augres
Key returners: Justin Trigger – 2018 M.H.S.F.C.A. All State Center/DL, 3 year Starter and a very hard worker; Travis Trigger – 2018 M.H.S.F.C.A. All State G/OLB, 3 year starter and a very hard worker; Isaac Keinath – 2018 2nd Team All Conference, 3 year starter, leads our offense and has improved speed from last year; Carlos Ibarra 2018 All Conference, a shifty runner with breakaway speed; Connor Lamont – Great power fullback with great hands and a solid MLB; Zach Ellington DL; Jacan Ciske G/DL; Trevor Osborne, will play tail back with great speed
Key losses: Curt Vogel, Jeff Stone, Cruz Ibarra
New prospects: Traiten Colesa End/D.B. 11th; Ethan Bowerman OLB; Richie Oldenburg End; Ian Espinoza End; Cody Franzel End/OLB; Carson Benjey G; Tyler Noll DL/FB
Team Captains: Justin Trigger, Travis Trigger, Isaac Keinath, Connor Lamont, Carlos Ibarra
Team strengths; Great nucleus of experienced players with great leadership skills.
Team goals: Win the 2019 State Championship; Regional Championship; Conference Championship
League/schedule will be tough from start to finish. Every week will be a challenge.

Deckerville Varsity Volleyball

Meet the 2019 Deckerville Varsity Volleyball Team – front (l-r): Kaylyn Kappen, Aubre Cashman-Brown, Lauren Flanagan, Karly Kappen and RayAnn Thompson. Back (l-r): Coach Jessica Heilig, Ella Watson, Addison Williams, Emma Beaver, Claire Watson and Mickaela Warczinsky.

Head Coach: Jessica Heilig
Coaching Record – Last Year’s Record (league): 9-3
Key returning athletes: Claire Watson, Senior; Addison Williams, Senior; Ella Watson, Senior; Kaylyn Kappen, Junior; Lauren Flanagan, Senior; Aubre Cashman-Brown, Senior; Emma Beaver, Senior; Karly Kappen, Sophomore; Mickaela Warczinsky, Senior
Comments on returning players: Addison, Claire and Ella are going to be strong factors for the front row and the twins helping with the back row. Emma will be playing the middle hitting position; she will help them control the front row with blocking. Lauren, Karly and Kaylyn will be working hard playing our defensive specialists getting the ball to Addison. Aubre and Mickaela will be helping in the front row playing right side hitters. I am very lucky to have my whole team back from last year (I lost only two girls).
Lost to graduation: Hailey Fritch and Tori Jones
New athletes to the team: (please include grade): RayAnn Thompson- Junior will be work in the backrow and help with setting.
Comments about your team’s strengths/weaknesses and any goals for the season: Our strength is definitely our front row. We have height for blocking, and they have been working on their attacks to end the plays quicker. The girls have really grown from last year. They are seeing the ball better and enjoying the game. Last year we struggled on the backrow, this season the girls know they need to step up and get the ball to Addison to make the plays. I put a lot of pressure on my backrow, but they have been conditioning and working hard on their drills to improve I am very confident they are going to do well. These girls are amazing group of athletes, they have the talent and the heart to want to win.
Outlook for your league – Where do you see you team fitting in? We should do well but we need to keep our head in the game and not let our emotions get the best of us. This league is full of talented young ladies and great coaches. These teams never give up, so we can’t underestimate any of them this year. My team has goals that we like to accomplish throughout the season, one is Districts. The girls worked hard last year and fell short to Dryden in the finals. They want it more then ever this year.


Claire Watson, Senior, #3, 5’8”, OH/DS
Addison Williams, Senior, #4, 5’9”, Setter
Ella Watson, Senior, #5, 5’8”, OH/MH/DS
Kaylyn Kappen, Junior, #7, 5’4”, DS
Lauren Flanagan, Senior, #12, 5’4”, DS
Aubre Cashman-Brown, Senior, #15, 5’6”, RH/MH
RayAnn Thompson, Junior, #18, 5’4”, DS/Setter
Emma Beaver, Senior, #21, 5’10”, MH
Karly Kappen, Sophomore, #22, 5’4”, DS
Mickaela Warczinsky, Senior; #31, 5’7”, RH
Coach Jessica Heilig

Deckerville Varsity Cross Country

Meet the 2019 Deckerville Cross Country Team – front (l-r): Allison Lapp, Kaylee Wagester, Abigail Sanford and Sophia Sanford Middle (l-r): Chase Simkiss, Kendall Dumaw, Javier Valencia Sanchez, Aaron Wilcox, Riley Regentin and Adam Eugster. Back (l-r) Coach Steve Linn, Trevor Barker, Brett Dumaw, Ben Moeller, Brett Tanton, Tyler Park and Coach Linda Wright. Missing: Leah Trigger.

Deckerville Varsity Cross Country
Head Coach: Steve Linn
Last Year’s Record: League – second
Key returning athletes: Brett Dumaw, Trevor Barker, Abigail Sanford – all juniors
Comments on returning athletes: Good workers, state qualifiers
Lost to graduation: Lucas Asher, Morgan Armstead
New athletes to the team: Kendall Dumaw, freshman; Sophia Sanford
Comments about your team’s strengths/weaknesses and any goals for the season: Good number of boys with experience.
Outlook for your league – where do you see your team fitting in? Challenge – Owen-Gage and Dryden for girls and Dryden and Mayville for boys.

Deckerville Cheerleaders

Meet the 2019 Deckerville Cheerleaders – front (l-r): Lola Fortushniak, Charlotte Matthews, Angelina Wagester and Gabriela KiwuuraBarros. Back (l-r): Coach Janee Schmidt, Olivia LaViolette, Tare Esther Schmoll, Aubre Cashman-Brown, Alaina Fetterhoff, and Coach Chastity Franzel. Missing: Heaven Valdez and Leah Trigger.

Deckerville JV Football

Meet the 2019 Deckerville Jr. Varsity Football Team – front (l-r): Kris Kosal, Angel de la Riva, Will Brown, Erik Grifka, Peter Lapp, Jack Lapp and Kurt Howard. Back (l-r): Asst. Coach Will Stolicker, Nick Foote, Juan Diego Abreu Sosa, Cameron Stone, Colt Harrison, Jese Grover, Michael Harris, Brady Sharbowski, Nick Ramey, Connor Palmer, Coach Burns.

Deckerville JV Volleyball

Meet the 2019 Deckerville JV Volleyball Team – front (l-r): Maddy Garza, Shelby Flanagan, Jessie Heilig, Ally Nutzmann and Breanna Pashak. Back (l-r): Annika Beaver, Alex Kopitz, Alexa Roberts, Coach Monica Warczinsky, Jenna Park, Rachel Vogel and Aleyah Keinath. Missing: Leah Trigger and Lilly Martin.

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