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By William R. Dixon & Wm. Michael Dixon

Walmart Shop Lifter Adds Meth to Arrest Charge:
Sandusky City Police were dispatched to Walmart on W. Sanilac on New Year’s Eve for a shoplifting complaint. At the time of the arrest for alleged retail fraud, the 33 year old Sandusky woman Kassie Bcyzek was found to have been in possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and ammunition. Since she was a previously convicted felon, the ammo was a serious offense. Her car was impounded and search warrants were granted for two locked container boxes from the interior of the vehicle.
Additional methamphetamine of around three grams were recovered and sent out for laboratory confirmation. She was arraigned and remains behind bars in the Sanilac County Jail.

Drugs Found by Officers at Civil Dispute:
Sandusky Officers responded to a civil dispute complaint on Dawson Street and found enough probable cause to request a search warrant that yielded narcotics and drug paraphernalia. Arrest(s) are pending on the methamphetamine and Fentenal possession. City Police were assisted by Sanilac County DTF.

Man Arrested for Harboring Runaway Child:
Sandusky Police arrested a 41 year old Sandusky man on January 7, after he was found to have been harboring a 16 year old female run-away. The Truman Street resident was also charged with lying to police and may be charged with other crimes as a result of a search warrant executed on his premises on January 8. He was arraigned and released on bond. Sandusky officers were assisted by Sanilac County Sheriff Deputies.

Sandusky Council Meets in Regular Session:
The Sandusky City Council met in regular session on Monday January 16th. The council approved five measures including a lot split requested by Jim Zyrowski. The council also approved three diamond trail rental agreements including the S.A.V.E. Council’s annual Glow Walk. The Glow Walk will be held on June 22nd.
The City of Sandusky is considering bringing well seven back online to service the water treatment plant. The Sandusky City Council approved Northern Pump and Well to conduct a five day test of the well to see if it is able to be brought back online safely. Well seven had its pumps removed and was capped off several years ago. Sandusky City Police Chief Brett Lester presented the Sandusky Police Department Council Report and noted that the number of total incidents was slightly higher than the previous year, but numbers were trending downward overall. The City Police Department handled 2866 incidents in 2022.

Custer Township Delays Solar Ordinance:
The Custer Township Board of Trustees has returned their recently proposed solar ordinance to the Planning Commission for additional consideration. Trustees felt the proposed ordinance was too restrictive.

Watertown to Amend Solar Ordinance: The Watertown Township Board of Trustees has asked the Planning Commission to examine the current solar ordinance and make recommendations for changes after the township attorney identified a pair of word definition absences after a Samsung representative asked him directly for a clarification. The current ordinance cites setback differences between participating and non-participating lease holders, but does not spell out the aforementioned terms.
The Planning Commission met for a special meeting on January 12th and made a recommendation that a 6-month moratorium be placed on all Solar Energy Systems during the process of updating the township master plan.
They also requested that a second law firm, Foster & Swift be consulted to review the ordinance for other potential issues prior to the commission’s modifications.
The Township Board is expected to consider the measure at their next regular board meeting on February 7th.

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