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Down Main Street 11/16/22 Edition

Despite what the tally was for Sanilac County, Governor Whitmer along with her Democratic slate of underlings were again elected to four year terms in last week’s general election. Whitmer managed just 5,967 Sanilac votes while Tudor Dixon logged 12,473. Statewide Whitmer won favor with 2,422,650 voters and Dixon 1,954,332. The Dixon ticket proved to exhibit a strong showing despite being outspent by a factor of 10-1.
Also contrary to Sanilac sentiments was the passage of all three state ballot measures. State Proposal – 22-1: Constitutional Amendment: Voters for Transparency and Term Limits; passed statewide 2,830,025 to 1,436,947. (Sanilac 8,696-9,567). State Proposal – 22-2: Constitutional Amendment: Promote the Vote; statewide 2,578,182 to 1,719,998. (Sanilac 7,230-11,174). State Proposal – 22-3: Constitutional Amendment: Reproductive Freedom for All; statewide 2,475,082 to 1,893,099. (Sanilac 6,788-11,758).
Lisa McClain will serve again the U.S. House of Representatives for the 9th District. Dan Lauwers was re-elected to a four year term as a Michigan District 25 State Senator. Greg Alexander logged a decisive victory over Bob Mrozek in the newly created 98th Michigan Congressional District.
Tom Lukshaitis was re-elected City of Sandusky Mayor and Laurie Burns as re-elected City of Sandusky Clerk. Newcomer Tim Stone will join re-elected members Brad Harris and Larry Mitchell on the Sandusky City Council.
Charles Bush will serve as Marlette’s Mayor, Michelle Warren will be Applegate Village President, Don Pangburn will be the Carsonville Village President, Tim Sielaff Forestville President, Minden City President Allen Pierson, Carrie Bennett President of Peck Village, and Damien Falcon Port Sanilac Village President. Mary Self will serve as Minden City Clerk, Brenda Murray Melvin Treasurer. Donna Geller, Glen Olds, Kate Dove, Ralph Dove and Tina Eastman Trustees Village of Applegate, Stacey Hyde, Catherine Laba and Valene Pattee Trustees Village of Carsonville, Susan Cesefske, Katie Noble and Amanda Wojcik Deckerville Village Trustees, Henry Garner, David Tyler and Andrew Waren Trustees Village of Peck, Michael Balysh, Susan Balysh and Ray Lange Trustee Village of Port Sanilac, Scott Markle Village of Melvin Trustee, Stephen Gamer, Susan Gornowicz, Ronald Kaufman, Mark Klawon, Sara K. Lautner and William Schuman Trustee Minden City Village.
The Sandusky School Board will welcome one new member Justin Radloff who will be joined by incumbents Bob Hassler and Carolyn Stoutenburg. Deckerville School Board of Education full term write in candidate winners were Richard Hamill and Kendra Messing. Jason McConnachie captured the other Deckerville School Board partial term, write-in position. Margaret Schreiner, Renee Alfaro, Stephanie Collins and Shane Welch Peck School Board, Renzie R. Milarch and Ken Poirier C-PS School Board.
Grace Spencer and Heather Eite Sanilac District Library Board.
Sanilac voters approved the Medical Care Facility millage 12,469-5,427. Township millages also garnered favor with voters with the exception of a Road Millage increase for Bridgehampton that went down after an uncommon 150-150 tie. Township millages that passed included; Austin Road Construction, Austin Gravel Renewal, Minden renewals for General Operating and Roads, Bridgehampton Roads Renewal, Wheatland Road Renewal, Worth Public Safety, Moore Fire fighting Renewal, and Village of Applegate Operating.
The Buel Township Marihuana Ordinance was refused.

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