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Down Main Street 5-15-24

Many have been discussing the wonderful light show from last week’s Northern Lights, also know as the Aurora Borealis. A recent solar eruption was responsible for the green, blue, violet and yellow light show, most viewable on last Saturday evening.

The Sandusky Youth Athletic Association Opening Day Ceremonies and Parade were postponed due to rain last weekend. Look for it this Saturday. The parade line-up will start at 8:30am at Diamond Trail with the parade down Speaker St. to step-off at 9am. Opening Day Ceremonies and baseball and softball games will immediately follow the parade.

Congratulations to Andrew Bowman for winning the Pittsburgh Marathon with a time of 2:15:52.
The Marlette Red-Raider graduate has been an often commented area of pride for Marlette this week.

There will be a free taco lunch at the Deckerville Community Center from 11:15am-12:30pm on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The event is free for those who would like a warm meal, friendly company and encouragement. The event is sponsored by local area Churches and friends. All are welcome.

There is a planned parent meeting for 5th & 6th grade tackle football scheduled for Thursday, May 30th at the Sandusky Elementary School gymnasium, 395 S. Sandusky Rd., Sandusky. The sign-up deadline and registration fee of $100 is due before Monday, May 27th. For more information contact Coach Ryan Palmer: RMPALMER@SANDUSKYK12.MI.US.

Please join me in expressing appreciation to the staff and volunteers of our local Skilled Nursing Centers.
The week has been designated as National Skilled Nursing Care week and we are fortunate to have a number of excellent facilities in our midst. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do caring for our families and loved ones.

Voters in the CPS School District approved a $7.1 million bond proposal at a special election last week. The measure was approved by the vote of 360 yes and 173 no.

Sandusky Community Schools has approved ballot language, that if approved by voters in the August election, would allow the district to borrow $13.2 million dollars through the sale of general obligation bonds. The motion was made by Radloff and supported by Tovar before a roll call vote was taken that showed unanimous support for the millage including; Harding, Hassler, Heberling, Trowhill, and Stoutenburg.

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