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The Sandusky City Council approved a rent increase on hangars at the airport from the current price of $125 to $150. The increase, recommended by members of the Sandusky Aeronautics Board, will help to offset costs of maintenance and electricity, both are rolled into the monthly rental fee.
The City Council approved two notices of intent to sell bonds to cover the costs of upcoming projects in the city. The capital improvement bonds are not to exceed two million dollars($2,000,000). The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund bonds are being sold to help pay for the city’s $800,000 portion of a 2.6 million dollar grant for the 2024 water mane project.
Two land use permits were approved for Mckenzie Hospital’s Healthy Living Classes to be held at the Diamond Trail Park this Summer. Mckenzie will be hosting a healthy living class on May 17 2023 as well as June 21 2023.
A land use permit to use Doerr Field for a three age group softball tournament was approved for the weekend following the annual Thumb Festival in Sandusky, June 30th through July 2nd. The softball tournament will have three age brackets: 8 and under, 10 and under, and 12 and under.
The Sandusky City Council set a date for their 2023-2024 Budget Hearing of February 27th. The City Council also approved the moving of the February 20th meeting to the 27th to coincide with the hearing.
A couple Detroit Edison (DTE) light poles on main street are leaning over and malfunctioning, causing concern for a few of the Sandusky City Council members. DTE has already been contacted about the problem according to City Manager David Faber.
Amy Gierhart, a visiting judge assigned by the Michigan State Circuit Court, upheld the petition language in the recall petitions of three Sandusky School Board members, and signatures can now be collected.
Petitions to recall members of the Fremont Township Board were rejected by 24th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge Wrathell.
Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend so make sure to stock up on snacks and drinks well before the weekend, shelves may start to empty as the big game approaches.

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