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Down Main Street: Sandusky School Board Recall Petitions Submitted

The petitions to recall three Sandusky School Board members were submitted to the Sanilac County Courthouse for review and verification last Monday, April 3rd. The school board seats of Jason Trepkowski, Jane Jacobson, and Dan Gerstenberger could be up for grabs if the signatures are verified.
The petitions will require 749 signatures to go forward with a special election and more than 1000 signatures were submitted for each petition. The office will have to verify each of those signatures for them to be considered valid.
Only those who reside in the school district will have their signatures counted and the court has 22 days to verify the signatures. The process will likely take the entire 22 days, according to Sanilac County Clerk Leslie Hilgendorf.
The court will then have 13 days to process any challenges from the officers in question: Jacobson, Trepkowski and Gerstenberger.
The special election will take place this November if the signatures are approved.

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