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Fraudulent Activity In Area

On Friday 1-15-2016, the Office of Lapeer County Sheriff was contacted by a Lapeer County resident after they were contacted by phone from an individual impersonating a Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputy.
The impersonator advises during the phone call that there is a valid arrest warrant and attempts to collect bond money. The impersonator requested the individual to pay the bond with a pre-paid debit card.
Over the past week, neighboring counties have experienced the same fraudulent activity. It is believed that these calls are originating from parties in a southern state. The phone numbers are appearing with area code 810 and then first three numbers 247. A male voice with a southern accent is on the recording stating you have reached the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office. The recording also states if this is an emergency please hang-up and call 911 to make it appear more believable.
The Lapeer County Sheriff warns people that this is a fraudulent scam and DO NOT send any money through pre-paid debit cards and this can only be done in person.
If anyone is contacted by a caller claiming to be law enforcement regarding an arrest warrant, please visit the nearest local police agency. They can confirm the existence of a warrant and bond should be posted in person.

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