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Marlette does well at BPA Competition

Marlette once again showed of their superior business skills at the 2022-2023 Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Leadership Competition.
Mr. Varey (Marlette BPA Advisor) is excited to announce that on December 20, 2022, Marlette High School sent 30 students to compete in various individual and team events at the annual Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Leadership Competition. This year, there were 10 schools attending and 350 students competing in over 70 events. Only the Top 5 students in Individual Events and the Top 2 Teams take home awards. Marlette excelled at the Awards Ceremony with 24 of 30 students qualifying for the State Leadership Competition to be held on March 9-12, 2023!!! Some of the highlights are as follows:
33 total medals in 19 events:
15-1st Place, 5-2nd place, 6-3rd place, 2-4th place, 5-5th place medals
9 multiple medal winners; 5 events with multiple medal winners; 3 out of the top 5 in Human Resource Management; 2 out of the top 5 in Interview Skills, Presentation Individual, Administrative Support Research, Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Medal Winners (State Qualifiers):
Nathan Abbott, 3rd-Economic Research Individual; Manus Bennett, 5th-Human Resource Management; Alexandra Findlay, 1st-Parliamentary Procedure Team; Olivia Findlay, 1st-Presentation Individual; Dalaney Gage,1st-Global Marketing Team, 2nd-Presentation Individual; Elizabeth Gierman,1st-Extemporaneous Speech, 3rd-Interview Skills; Hollie Hartwell, 1st-Advanced Desktop Publishing; Emma Heussner, 2nd-Graphic Design Promotion, 1st-Global Marketing Team; Isabella Hinojosa, 1st-Prepared Speech 2nd-Advanced Interview Skills; Dow Huggett, 1st-Parliamentary Procedure Team, 3rd-Parliamentary Procedure Concepts; Ciatilyn Keys, 2nd-Payroll Accounting,5th-Fundamental Accounting; Madelyn Lefler, 4th-Human Resource Management; Jack Macha, 1st-Parliamentary Procedure Team; Gabby Martinez, 5th-Business Law & Ethics; Abigail Meyer,1st-Parliamentary Procedure Team, 1st-Interview Skills; Brianna Ostrowski, 3rd-Computer Network Technology; Shelby Parker, 5th-Administrative Support Research; Lauren Pasek, 1st-Administrative Support Research, 2nd-Basic Office Systems & Procedures; Adilyn Ruggles, 1st-Global Marketing Team, 3rd-Human Resource Management; Claire Rye, 4th-Fundamental Desktop Publishing; Arlayna Seaman, 1st-Parliamentary Procedure Team; Rylee Stevens, 3rd-Fundamental Desktop Publishing; Luke Thomas, 1st-Parliamentary Procedure Team; Ava Wilkinson,5th-Health Administration Procedures

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