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Parting Shot 2-28-24 Edition: Conga Line

Conga Line: The Conga Line Dance has its roots in Cuban Carnival festivities. Can you name the United States President who was in office during the Bay of Pigs attempted invasion in Cuba (And for bonus entry, which president initially approved the invasion)? If you know the correct answer, Call, e-mail, post a comment on our website, enter in person or via Facebook starting at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday through 5:00 p.m. on Monday, each week for your chance to win. Last week’s question: TWICE AS HARD: Can you name the Atlanta, Georgia musical group responsible for the 1990 release of the album “Shake Your Moneymaker? ANSWER: The Black Crowes. Jackie Wylie was the winner of a 4-pack of FREE movie passes to the Firebird Theater in Sandusky. All correct responses will be entered into a random weekly drawing for 4-pack of Free Movie Tickets to the Firebird Theater in Sandusky. If you are not a subscriber, please provide your mailing address when you make contact.

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