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Turkey Hunting Success

Turkey season in Michigan runs from mid-April through early June. Spring turkey hunting offers a great chance to not only pursue turkeys, but to see Michigan green-up and enjoy the warming weather.
Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the season.
Turkeys can be found in every county in Michigan and anyone who wants to hunt a turkey can get a license. Michigan has several turkey seasons for you to choose from. Some you do have to apply for in advance because there are more hunters than turkey licenses available. Anyone can hunt turkeys for most of the month of May, in what’s called Hunt 234. Hunt 234 is a great, flexible option for hunters who may want to hunt in many different places and who want more than 7 days to find those turkeys.
The early seasons, that have a limited number of licenses, are open for a short time, making weather and work schedules a real consideration. Mi-Hunt is a great mapping program that you can use to look for public land in Michigan that is open to hunting.
If you’ve ever thought about giving turkey hunting a try, this is your year! Turkey hunting provides good healthy local protein that you can harvest yourself in a very interactive hunt. You can use a call to sound like a turkey and get one to answer you back!

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