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NCTL and GTC East All-League Teams

NCTL Stars Division All League Baseball
Deckerville, Dryden, Kingston, Mayville, North Huron and Peck
First Team

  1. Dylan Ledford, 12th grade, Dryden P/C/SS
  2. Isaiah Helton, 11th grade, Kingston P
  3. Owen Corlis, 11th grade, Kingston SS
  4. Kaiden Peters, 12th grade, Kingston CF
  5. Ethan Green, 12th grade, Kingston 1B
  6. Jace Brown, 11th grade, Mayville C
  7. Caleb Lentner, 12th grade, Peck C
  8. Dalton Sempf,12th grade, Peck P/IF
  9. Cal Heiden, 10th grade, Peck P/IF
  10. Alex Affer, 12th grade, Peck OF
    Second Team
  11. Parker Merriman, 10th grade, Deckerville SS
  12. Chayse Lamont, 10th grade, Deckerville OF
  13. Mason Stofcheck, 11th grade, Dryden 1B
  14. Marty Barker, 12th grade, Dryden CF/P
  15. Colin Corlis, 9th grade, Kingston CF
  16. Coltin Jocham, 12th grade, Kingston 3B
  17. Zac Langmaid, 11th grade, Mayville 2B
  18. Mason Halsne, 11th grade, Mayville 1B
  19. Derek Schorack, 11th grade, North Huron SS
  20. Chase Tesluck, 11th grade, Peck 3B
    Honorable Mention
    Deckerville – Kris Kosal
    Dryden – Ian Tesluck
    Kingston – Nick Cummings
    North Huron – Landon Mergucz
    Peck – Carter Babcock, Honza Pohlman
    NCTL Stripes Division All League
    Akron-Fairgrove, Bay City All Saints, Caseville
    First Team
  21. Devan Schular, 11th grade, BCAS SS
  22. Jack Wetters, 9th grade, BCAS C
  23. Drew Andrzajewski, 9th grade, BCAS P
  24. Levi Johnson, 10th grade, BCAS OF
  25. Donavyn Lauria, 10th grade, BCAS 1B
  26. Gatlin, Akron-Farigrove
  27. Colton Karpovich, Akron-Fairgrove
  28. Sy Bernia, Akron-Fairgrove
  29. Deegan Walstead, Akron-Fairgrove
  30. Whyatt Erdody, Akron-Fairgrove
    Second Team
  31. Bo Williams, 9th grade, BCAS CF
  32. Logan Cregeur, 12th grade, BCAS 3B
  33. Griffin Johnson, Akron-Fairgrove
  34. Mason Cregeur, Caseville SS
  35. Matthew Kennedy, Caseville P
  36. Dylan Ban, Caseville LF
    NCTL Stars Division All League Softball
    Deckerville, Dryden, Kingston, Mayville, North Huron and Peck
    First Team
  37. Johanna Kubacki, 11th grade, Deckerville CF
  38. Keira McGarvey, 11th grade, Kingston 3B
  39. Delaney St. George, 11th grade, Kington SS
  40. Abby Walker, 11th grade, Kingston 1B
  41. Piper St. George, 9th grade, Kingston 2B
  42. Jordan Burke, 11th grade, Mayville, P
  43. Maggie Koroleski, 12th grade, North Huron SS
  44. Ryeigh Ureel, 10th grade, Peck P
  45. Madisyn Taylor, 10th grade, Peck C
  46. Sydney Parker, 10th grade, Peck 3B
    Second Team
  47. Addie Tresnek, 12th grade, Dryden SS
  48. Jaylin Skinner, 11th grade, Kingston CF
  49. Lauren King, 10th grade, Kingston CF
  50. Chessaney Wenzlaff, 10th grade, Kingston P
  51. Stella Zechmeister, 12th grade, Mayville, C
  52. Jordis Pitts, 12th grade, North Huron C
  53. Emma Case, 12th grade, North Huron P
  54. Ava Collins, 10th grade, Peck, CF
  55. Reise Lonnborg, 12th grade, Peck RF
  56. Lauren Eager, 11th grade, Peck, LF
    Honorable Mention
    Deckerville – Aleyah Keinath, Alyssa Rudgers
    Dryden – Rylinn Lindsay
    Mayville – Mae Eghigian
    North Huron – Emma Hyzer
    NCTL Stripes Division All League Softball
    Bay City All Saints, Carsonville-Port Sanilac, Caseville, Owengage
    First Team
  57. Annaka Neetz, 11th grade, BCAS SS
  58. Rylei Muter, 12th grade, BCAS 3B
  59. McKenzie Simmons, 11th grade, Caseville SS
  60. Audrey Hopkins, 11th grade, Caseville C
  61. Kaitlynn Purcell, 11th grade, Caseville 2B
  62. Chloe DeLong, 12th grade, CPS
  63. Aubrey Hellebuyck, 9th grade, Owengage 1B
  64. Shaylynn Thurston, 9th grade, Owengage, CF
  65. Natzle Wood, 10th grade, Owengage 3B
  66. Shelby Bowers, 11th grade, Owengage CF
    Second Team
  67. Kellen Proctor, 9th grade, BCAS C
  68. Kara Schular, 9th grade, BCAS P
  69. Clara Barrigar, 9th grade, BCAS RF
  70. Galilea Costilla, 9th grade, BCAS CF
  71. Lydia Schade, 11th grade, BCAS 1B
  72. Sophia Krajewski, 10th grade, CPS
  73. Karsyn Gruehn, 11th grade, Owengage SS
  74. Addison Bach, 11th grade, Owengage 2B
    2022-2023 Greater Thumb East Baseball All Conference
    First Team:
  75. Mark Heilig, Ubly, Senior, Pitcher/Infield
  76. John Minard, Sandusky, Senior, Pitcher/Infield
  77. Tyer Franzel, Sandusky, Junior, Pitcher/Infield
  78. Kory Lambson, Sandusky, Senior, Catcher
  79. Bryer Halbert, Brown City, Sophomore, Catcher
  80. Aaron Bower, Marlette, Infielder/Pitcher
  81. Brayden Franzel, Ubly, Sophomore, Infielder/Pitcher
  82. Barry Lester, Sandusky, Senior, Infielder
  83. Mason Smith, Capac, Senior, Infielder
  84. Tim Bochatyn, Capac, Senior, Infielder
  85. Caleb Minard, Sandusky, Senior, Outfielder
  86. Derek Mason, Capac, Senior, Outfielder/Pitcher
  87. Westley Chapin, Marlette, Sophomore, Outfielder
  88. Luke Volmering, Ubly, Sophomore, Outfielder
    Second Team:
  89. Zach Langmesser, Capac, Senior, Pitcher
  90. Conner Vanlerberge, Brown City, Junior, Pitcher
  91. Braden Cregeur, Ubly, Freshman, Catcher
  92. Skiler Kruse, Harbor Beach, Freshman, Catcher
  93. Danny Tovar, Sandusky, Sophomore, Infielder
  94. Wade Messing, Ubly, Junior, Infielder
  95. Bret Mueller, Ubly, Junior, Infielder
  96. Connor Kelly, Marlette, Junior, Infielder
  97. Gaden Muxlow, Brown City, Senior, Infielder
  98. Easton Jager, Brown City, Senior, Outfielder
  99. Jackson Kartanys, Sandusky, Senior, Outfielder
  100. Erik Grifka, Ubly, Senior, Outfielder
  101. Koen Daugherty, Memphis, Junior, Outfielder
    Honorable Mention:
  102. Wiley Roose, Capac, Freshman, Catcher
  103. Trey Lester, Marlette, Freshman, Catcher
  104. Donovan Schuster, Memphis, Senior, Catcher
  105. Brody Tesnow, Capac, Freshman, Infielder
  106. Devin Turland, Marlette, Senior, Infielder
  107. Tyler Koehn, Harbor Beach, Sophomore, Infielder
  108. Brandon Kohler, Brown City, Senior, Infielder
  109. Mason Peyerk, Memphis, Freshman, Infielder
  110. Bryce Stirzinger, Memphis, Junior, Infielder
  111. Peyton Bowerman, Sandusky, Freshman, Outfielder
  112. Sam Schneider, Capac, Freshman, Outfielder
  113. Quintin Sartin, Marlette, Junior, Outfielder
  114. Keagun Potestivo, Harbor Beach, Freshman, Outfielder
  115. Wesley Bennatts, Memphis, Sophomore, Outfielder
  116. Thomas Geiger, Brown City, Junior, P/1st/DH
  117. Jose Rodriguez, Capac, Senior, 3rd/P
  118. Jace Knoblock, Harbor Beach, Senior, P/SS
  119. Adam Wilcox, Marlette, Freshman, Outfield
  120. Trent Brown, Memphis, Senior, DH/OF
  121. Jackson Reinke, Sandusky, Sophomore, CR/OF
  122. Aiden Mackowiak, Ubly, Senior, 1st
    2022-2023 Greater Thumb East Softball All Conference
    First Team:
  123. Maddie Hohne, Brown City, Freshman, Pitcher
  124. Madalyn Roberson, Capac, Junior, Pitcher
  125. Dalaney Gage, Marlette, Junior, Pitcher
  126. Kallie Bender, Sandusky, Junior, Catcher
  127. Carly Guza, Ubly, Senior, Catcher
  128. Morgan Taege, Sandusky, Senior, Infielder
  129. Carley Kalbfleish, Brown City, Senior, Infielder/OF
  130. Leah Peters, Memphis, Senior, Infielder
  131. Chloe Schocke, Capac, Sophomore, Infielder
  132. Emily Newland, Marlette, Junior, Infielder
  133. Ruby Trepkowski, Sandusky, Sophomore, Outfielder
  134. Kailey Tarte, Memphis, Senior, Outfielder
  135. Julia Schaefer, Capac, Senior, Outfielder
  136. Hayley Hazen, Marlette, Junior, Outfielder
    Second Team:
  137. Mia Levitt, Sandusky, Senior, Pitcher
  138. Alison Deaner, Memphis, Senior, Pitcher
  139. Madeline Langenburg, Ubly, Junior, Pitcher
  140. Robin Owens, Capac, Junior, Catcher
  141. Alyssa Hazen, Marlette, Sophomore, Catcher
  142. Alexis Gough, Sandusky, Junior, Infielder
  143. Kelsey Tomichek, Sandusky, Senior, Infielder
  144. Annie Ross, Sandusky, Senior, Infielder
  145. Arianna Johnson, Memphis, Sophomore, Infielder
  146. Skielar Tesnow, Capac, Junior, Infielder
  147. Emma Minard, Sandusky, Sophomore, Outfielder
  148. Alysa Kitchen, Sandusky, Senior, Outfielder
  149. Ava Rhein, Memphis, Junior, Outfielder
    Honorable Mention:
  150. Adalee Kaufman, Sandusky, Junior, Pitcher
  151. Chloe Hayes, Brown City, Freshman, Pitcher/Outfield
  152. Allie Bowerson, Memphis, Junior, Pitcher/Infield
  153. Jillian Deer, Harbor Beach, Junior, Pitcher
  154. Callie Morse, Brown City, Freshman, Catcher
  155. Jenna Carrow, Memphis, Junior, Catcher
  156. Taryn Hurren, Harbor Beach, Junior, Catcher
  157. Asia Kenna, Brown City, Junior, Infielder
  158. Lindsay Mathews, Brown City, Freshman, Infielder
  159. Paige Hansen, Capac, Senior, Infielder
  160. Autumn Klatzke, Marlette, Freshman, Infielder
  161. Miley Donnellon, Ubly, Sophomore, Infielder
  162. Morgan Schulte, Ubly, Sophomore, Infielder
  163. Karlee Guza, Harbor Beach, Senior, Infielder
  164. Morgan Zurek, Harbor Beach, Senior, Infielder
  165. Chloe Hayes, Brown City, Freshman, Outfielder
  166. Olvia Fletcher, Brown City, Senior, Outfielder
  167. Megan Bartz, Marlette, Fresman, Outfielder
  168. Jocelyn Bambach, Ubly, Junior, Outfielder
  169. Haylee Arlitt, Ubly, Senior, Outfielder
  170. Tori Hurren, Harbor Beach, Senior, Outfielder
  171. Aubrey Geiger, Harbor Beach, Senior, Outfielder
  172. Olivia Parr, Brown City, Sophomore, Infielder
  173. Jewel Rickman, Capac, Junior, Infielder
  174. Haileigh Guitar, Harbor Beach, Sophomore, Catcher/Infielder
  175. Emmy Crane, Marlette, Sophomore, First Base
  176. Katlynn Wisner, Memphis, Sophomore, SS
  177. Courtney Schumaker, Sandusky, Senior, Outfielder
  178. Leah Schumacher, Ubly, Junior, Infielder

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