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Thank a Farmer

The thank a farmer section has hit newsstands, view the stories here. The Farmers Wife Farmer’s Daughter, Farmer’s Wife, Farmer Returning to Roots Hop to Success Apples all day keep the Doctor at Play Centennial Farm…

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Returning to Roots

By Jackie Salowitz Tribune Recorder Leader Shelley (McConnachie) Beach was sure as a youngster that farming would not be what she would choose as her career. Realistically, rock picking and pulling weeds just isn’t that…

And on the 9th day God looked down and said, “I have just asked a lot of this old boy, he is going to need some help,” 
So God made a farmer’s wife. 
God said, “She has to get up before dawn and not let that farmer hit snooze for the third time, cook breakfast while he is milking cows, wake and ready the brood for school, take supper to him in the field and remind him to quit in time to get to the school board meeting in town.” 
So God made a farmer’s wife.

The Farmers Wife

By Jackie Salowitz Tribune Recorder Leader Connie (Hennika) Kreger, 57, of Snover, grew up on a dairy farm, and as a young girl learned how to work in the hay, feed calves, and milk cows….


Vogel Farms; Family Tradition

By Jackie Salowitz Tribune Recorder Leader Many of us may think of family farms as the small ones that used to dot the countryside down every side road in the county. There were cows in…

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Centennial Farm Salute

        HOOPER: Orville Hooper still lives on the farm that has been in his family for over 100 years.  George and Maryann Hooper purchased the 80 acre farm on Goetze Road, northeast…

Ken and Darlene Dambacher

Apples all day keep the Doctor at Play

By Jackie Salowitz Tribune Recorder Leader In 2002, Dr. Ken Dambacher and his wife, Darlene, bought property on M-19, north of Yale, with the plans of building a doctor’s office. But, when the cost of…

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Hop to Success

By Jackie Salowitz Tribune Recorder Leader Hops, a fairly new specialty crop for the Sanilac County farming area, are finding success, in part to the latitude (hops belt) that Sanilac County lies on, along with…